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Snook Fishing Charters in Tampa

Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report: Redfish and Snook Fishing Charters: Just to keep everyone up to date, the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission) has put a temporary catch and release program in place for snook and redfish through May of 2019. This is due to the first off the red tide that is sweeping …


Tampa Fishing Charters / Stealth Fishing Charters

Latest Tampa Fishing Charter Report: Snook Fishing: During my latest Tampa Fishing Charter, the snook fishing has stayed consistent.  It has been a strange 2018 with many cold fronts coming late.  Water temperatures are staying consistent around 78 degrees which has triggered our summer fishing. Live bait has been the key ingredient.  With the lower …


Opening Day of Snook Fishing Tampa Bay

Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report: Spring Snook Fishing Tampa Bay: The Snook Fishing Tampa Bay has been outstanding. Unfortunately we have been dealing with cold fronts and high wind advisories every other week.  I recently had the opportunity to fish with Enrique, Steve, and Dan Vitale of the Cleveland Browns. We started the morning searching …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTER / Stealth Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charter Latest Report: Trout Fishing: While on my last Tampa Fishing Charter, the trout bite was pretty good.  The water temperature started to creep up to 66-68 degrees after the last cold front so I decided to go check a out some deep water bait spots in Tampa Bay.  After filling the live …


Snook Fishing Tampa Bay / Stealth Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report: Overview: As everyone knows, this latest cold front has changed to outlook for fishing.  Last week we were still netting live bait and catching good numbers of snook and trout.  Now we can plan on stopping by our local bait store for some shrimp in order to catch sheepshead, ladyfish, …


Tampa Fishing Charters / Stealth Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report: Winter Fishing: Due to the last big cold front last week, the water temperature dropped to 59 degrees.  With warmer weather this past week, the water temperature has climbed to the mid 60’s.  That makes this time of the year a good time to start honing your winter fishing skills.  …


Stealth Fishing Charters / Tampa Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters latest Report: Tampa Bay Snook Fishing: Cold fronts have begun to move through which is keeping the water temperatures down. Bait is still on the flats of Tampa Bay, but not as abundant as last month. We have been snook fishing the deeper holes of the flats and catching great numbers of …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTERS / Stealth Fishing Charters

Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp 2017 Snook Fishing: The snook fishing was pretty good during the 2017 Florida Fantasy Fishing camp.  We did not catch as many snook as the previous year; however, we managed to catch approximately 20-30 snook consistently every week.  Most of the fish caught were on the smaller side this year, with …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTERS / Stealth Fishing Chartes

Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp Week 2 We are now into week 2 of the Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp for kids which is run out of Hula Bay in South Tampa.  Throughout the summer, a group of Tampa Bay Fishing Captains take kids from ages 8-15 out fishing Monday through Friday.  Week one was really good …


Tampa Fishing Charters / Stealth Fishing Charters

Snook Fishing: During recent Snook Fishing Charters, the bite has been absolutely incredible.  On average we have been catching between 20-30 snook every trip.  Most fish have been averaging in the 25″ range with a few slot fish and a few oversize fish being caught.  During a trip this past Tuesday, we caught a beautiful …