Latest Tampa Fishing Charters Report:

Weather Update:

So here we are in the middle of January and the weather is awesome for Tampa Bay Fishing.  We had a small cold front come through a week or so ago which put a damper on fishing.  However it gave the snook a nice little break.  Typically we have colder weather this time of the year which drastically changes our routine.  Instead of going out and catching live bait, we get to purchase shrimp from local bait stores (typically Gandy Bait and Tackle) and go on the hunt for sheepshead, trout, ladyfish, etc.  This year we have only had a few cold fronts which has not changed the water temperature very much.  It has allowed the bait fish to stay on the grass flats and the snook to actively feed.

Recent Trips:

During a recent charter, we were able to catch plenty of bait by 8:30am and go straight to the snook hole.  We managed to land 15 or so snook and 2 small redfish.  Once the tide got a little too low, we moved on to some deeper water for trout.  After chumming for 10-20 minutes, we finally started catching some nice trout.  We ended up catch 12 trout in the 17-19″ range, one small snook, and one redfish.  I had one client who caught two Tampa Bay Grand Slams and another who caught one.  All in all, it was a beautiful day catching fish in Tampa Bay.

Scott and Dr. M with a couple nice snook

Scott and Dr. M with a couple nice snook

Eco Tour:

We have recently ended a few trips by going to watch the manatees and dolphins.  The last time I was in the channel heading to the Getaway, we must have seen 100 manatees.  It was a great experience for my clients.

To book your Tampa fishing charters, call or text Capt Jay at 813-494-2048 or send me an email We look forward to fishing with you soon.

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