Tampa Fishing Charters Fishing Report:

The hunt for RED October here.  October is typically the magic month for big schools of redfish to show up in Tampa Bay.  2016 has been a very slow year for reds; however, a few nice schools have finally showed up.  Along with the schools, we have recently been catching some decent slot fish along the mangroves and oyster bars.  Typical morning should start with getting plenty of bait from whitebait, pinfish, ladyfish, to mullet (of course and ladyfish and mullet are being used for cut-bait).  Once you are baited up you have a few choices.  At low to medium water, you should find out just how good your trolling motor is and cover the entire flat looking for the school of redfish.  It can be very tough, but the payoff can be great.  On high water, work mangrove points, oyster bars, and mullet schools with the live and cut-bait.

Dave and John with nice reds

Dave and John with nice reds

I have spent countless hours working up and down a shoreline looking for fish.  Sometimes you find them and sometimes you don’t.  When you do, take note of where you found them as they usually will stay close by throughout the week.

While doing this, you will also locate different bait spots, snook spots, etc.  If the redfish are not readily available, you can always move on to a different species.


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