Tampa Fishing Charters Report:

Here we go again.  Every December, I have a group of people that come down from Canada on a business meeting to fish in Tampa Bay.  About 7 years ago they found me and decided to book a fishing trip.  Somehow, almost every year they come down the weather is phenomenal and the fishing is good.

My buddies from Canada catching snook

My buddies from Canada catching snook

Day One:

This year was no exception.  The air temperatures stayed up in the mid 80’s and the water temperature was about 70.  I fished three straight days with different groups and had a great time each day.  On day one I got to fish with Shane and Stephanie who have fished with me every year since we started.  We went straight to the snook hole and caught over 30 fish.  Left there and went to a spot where we could catch some trout and possibly reds.  Shane ended up catching the Tampa Bay Grand Slam which involves catching a snook, redfish, and trout all in one day.

Day two:

Day two was a little different as the tides in Tampa Bay were extremely low.  I was not able to get into my usual snook hole so decided to try a spot I had not fished in a while.  The payoff was excellent as we caught good numbers of snook and trout in one spot.  Unfortunately, no redfish on this day.

Day three:

On day three we got a late start as my clients were in morning meetings.  As usual, I left early to catch bait which left me a couple of hours to fish by myself.  With the extremely low tides again, I decided to search for some redfish.  Shortly after moving down the shoreline, I found a large group of mullet.  First bait hit the water and a 25″ redfish was caught.  After the morning meeting was over we went directly to the snook hole.  Ended the day with over 40 snook and a few trout.

On a side note, after a great day of fishing I visit The Getaway for lunch. The food, service and atmosphere is awesome.

To book your Tampa fishing charters, call or text Capt Jay at 813-494-2048 or send me an email jay@StealthFishingCharters.com. We look forward to fishing with you soon.

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