Tampa Fishing Charters Report:

On a recent Tampa Fishing Charter, I had the opportunity to fish with Nick from Mobro Marine, his son Parker and Justin.  We had a great weather day (except a little breeze) and a great day of fishing.  As always, I started my day at 6:30 am on the bait flat.  Fortunately it was a very easy morning.  Three throws of the net and ready to go.

First stop was a spot where I have been seeing some pretty decent size snook at low tide and boy did we have a low tide.  Threw out a few baits and fished the spot for about 15 minutes, but to no avail.  Did not even have a fish blow up on chum.  So we decided to go to Plan B.

Justin with another little snook

Justin with another little snook

Arrived at the next spot and it was game on.  The snook were hungry.  Nick and Justin had a slow start, but my little man Parker was on fire and caught 10 right off the bat.  Shortly thereafter, Nick and Justin got into a little groove and started catching some snook also.

In the middle of catching loads of snook, we also managed to catch a few trout and one redfish.  Nick was the winner with a bunch of snook, all the trout, and one little redfish to top off his Inshore Grand Slam. Good job.

That being said, the real winner of the trip had to be Parker.  I believe he had a great time fishing with his dad over the weekend and kept us pretty busy throughout the day.

Nick with a good trout

Nick with a good trout

The tide came in pretty strong, so we decided to try one more stop before calling it a day.  Ended up catching and missing a lot more snook.  The snook fishing in Tampa Bay is absolutely excellent right now.

I also got to use my two new 10′ Blade Power Poles this weekend.  They are awesome and highly recommended.

To book your Tampa fishing charters, call or text Capt Jay at 813-494-2048 or send me an email jay@StealthFishingCharters.com.


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