Summer Fishing has arrived. This past week, we have skipped over spring and right into summer fishing with air temperatures in the low 90’s and the water temperatures in the mid 80’s. Bait has shown up on the grass flats of Tampa Bay and also around all the markers in the middle of the bay. During my Tampa Fishing Charters, I prefer catching bait on the grass flats. We like to find a spot where the pelicans are diving and start a chum slick using Purina Tropical Fish Food and some salt water. It usually does not take long before the bait show up. I use a Tim Wade 11 foot 3/8″ cast net, but everyone has there own preference.

After catching enough bait for the day, it is off to the fishing spots. During my recent Tampa Fishing Charters we have been catching loads of snook with some redfish and trout mixed in. Snook are in what we call a transition phase which means they are moving out of the back country and heading to the beaches in preparation for the summer spawn. I fished a small beach area yesterday and caught 30+ snook in clear shallow water. We were actually sight casting at snook. Also caught a few redfish in the mix. After catching a bunch of snook, we decided to get some trout. This time of the year the trout are hanging out on the deeper edges of the grass flats. Once we figured out where they were, we probably caught a few dozen fish with the biggest being about 20 inches.

With summer conditions upon us, we like to go early and be back before it gets too hot. Also, the summer storms will be coming soon.

Please call or text Capt Jay at 813-494-2048 to book your Tampa Fishing Charter. We look forward to fishing with you soon.

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