Latest Tampa Fishing Charter Report:

Snook Fishing:

During my latest Tampa Fishing Charter, the snook fishing has stayed consistent.  We have had cold fronts pushing through each week which has kept the water temperature right around 68 degrees.  Live bait has been the key ingredient.  With the lower tides in the morning, start fishing a little further away from the mangroves and as the tide fills slowly start moving in.

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Tripled Up

The snook have been averaging 20-27 inches; however, we have landed over 10 fish recently that would have made it home for dinner had the season been open.  During my last Tampa Fishing Charter, we hooked into a nice snook that ran straight into the mangroves.  I had to bail out of the boat and get the fish out.  Shortly after, we were taking pictures of a nice 29″ snook.  Fortunately for that fish, it was not March 1st yet.

Trout Fishing:

During the early part of the afternoon as the tide starts rising, we have fishing deeper holes on the flat and catching good numbers of large trout.  They have been averaging 18-22″ with one being almost 24″.  Of course, you will catch other species in these deeper holes as well, but the trout bite has been pretty good.


Although we are not catching a lot of redfish, we are still able to bring a few fish home for dinner.  During the past week, we have been fishing areas that are loaded with mullet.  The redfish we have been catching are averaging 24″.  There are reports of larger schools roaming the flats, but I have not had the opportunity to fish them.  The word is that if you find the school of fish there will likely be another 10 boats fishing them.

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