Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report:

Winter Fishing:

Due to the last big cold front last week, the water temperature dropped to 59 degrees.  With warmer weather this past week, the water temperature has climbed to the mid 60’s.  That makes this time of the year a good time to start honing your winter fishing skills.  One of the bigger changes is your bait choices.  Using shrimp instead of whitebait and even start using artificial lures.  I like to fish deeper rock piles and docks during the winter.  By doing this you will have the opportunity to catch snook, redfish, trout, sheepshead, snapper, jacks and maybe even pompano.  I like to lighten up on the leader size to 20 lb and also use small hooks and a split shot to keep you bait tight to the bottom.

During the extreme winter low tides, I like to get my waders out and throw artificial lures for trout and redfish.  Everyone has a different bait they like to use which is okay.  I always tell clients to try different colors and sizes and you will come up with what we call a “confidence lure”.  My go to lure happens to be a 1/8 ounce Mission Fishin jig head with a DOA 5″ split tail jig (preferably Arkansas Glow). But again, use whatever lure you like.  Another change I make is the retrieve speed of the lure.  This time of year the fish like a very slow retrieve as you bounce it off the bottom.

Stealth Fishing Merchandise:

Starting the beginning of 2018, please visit the Merchandise section of this site to purchase your Stealth Fishing Charters apparel. You will be able to get shirts, hats, buffs, shorts, etc.

To book a charter either call or text Capt. Jay at (813) 494-2048. Also, gift certificates are available for the holiday season. Tight lines and have a wonderful holiday season.

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