Tampa Fishing Charters Recent Report:

Here we are in September, Football season is here, my Bucaneers are winning so far and fishing is still pretty good.  Started the weekend with a hosting a fishing tournament with Southshore Anglers to benefit my father (Jim Plastic) who was is a bad accident back in March.  Steve from the fishing club approached me and said that Southshore Anglers would like to do a benefit tourney for my dad.  I want to personally thank them and everyone who entered the tournament.  We had a great time at the weight in yesterday and met some great people.  Congrats to Rodney for winning with a 34.5″ redfish.  I did not fish it this year, but I coming for you next year buddy.

So I got to fish today with Lance and his two sons Austin and Ryan.  Awesome people and had a blast fishing with them today.  Got bait early and met them this morning at 8:00am.  Started the morning with a bunch of smaller snook that were tucked in close to the mangroves.  Moved around a little and found a good group of redfish; however, they were not ready to eat yet as the tide was not moving good yet.  Took a little boat ride across the bay and found a bunch of snook around the groves and oyster bars.  Ended the morning with approximately 20 or so snook.

Once the tide started moving out, we went back to where we saw the redfish.  Started chumming the water and the reds were eating instantly.  Unfortunately for us, they were eating the chummers better than out baits.  We did end up catch one and missing a couple.  Had a wonderful day and also caught a few fish at the boat ramp before putting it on the trailer.

Lance with his boys catching reds

Lance with his boys catching reds

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