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Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp 2017 Snook Fishing: The snook fishing was pretty good during the 2017 Florida Fantasy Fishing camp.  We did not catch as many snook as the previous year; however, we managed to catch approximately 20-30 snook consistently every week.  Most of the fish caught were on the smaller side this year, with …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTERS / Stealth Fishing Chartes

Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp Week 2 We are now into week 2 of the Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp for kids which is run out of Hula Bay in South Tampa.  Throughout the summer, a group of Tampa Bay Fishing Captains take kids from ages 8-15 out fishing Monday through Friday.  Week one was really good …


Tampa Fishing Charters / Stealth Fishing Charters

Snook Fishing: During recent Snook Fishing Charters, the bite has been absolutely incredible.  On average we have been catching between 20-30 snook every trip.  Most fish have been averaging in the 25″ range with a few slot fish and a few oversize fish being caught.  During a trip this past Tuesday, we caught a beautiful …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTERS / Stealth Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing Charters Latest Report: Sorry for the delay in my reporting, but the Tampa Fishing Charters has been fabulous the past four weeks.  I usually start with letting everyone know about the snook fishing first; however, we are going to change up the order this report. Let’s start with Redfish: Schools of redfish have …


TAMPA FISHING CHARTERS / Stealth Fishing Charters

Latest Tampa Fishing Charter Report: Snook Fishing: During my latest Tampa Fishing Charter, the snook fishing has stayed consistent.  We have had cold fronts pushing through each week which has kept the water temperature right around 68 degrees.  Live bait has been the key ingredient.  With the lower tides in the morning, start fishing a …